Our Leadership

Chad Toms

Vice President of National Accounts

Chad TomsChad Toms has always been a people person. From growing up in Flint, MI to his first couple of jobs, Chad has a gift of connecting with people. He has parlayed his connections, his ability to build relationships, his passion for the auto industry, and his sales expertise into a highly successful career at Reliance One.
After joining the founders of Reliance One, Chad quickly moved into a sales territory with the goal of generating business to kick start internal growth of new employees. Over the years, he established many relationships in the industry which are many of Reliance One’s top customers today. Based on his experience and relationships, Chad has taken on many new challenges. He opened new offices, markets, and launched new programs. In an effort to build on Chad’s successes, he was promoted to his most recent position, Vice President of National Sales. In this role, he is working hard to brand Reliance One on a national level with the largest of clients. After almost 10 years to the day from when he started working for Reliance One out of a house, Chad helped open a new state of the art 22,000 sq ft Headquarters for Reliance One in Auburn Hills, MI. Chad Toms is an eight time Contest Winner for Reliance One, holds two Most Valuable Player Awards, and has been honored with the “Reliance One Chad Toms Visionary Award”, which was named in recognition of his contributions to Reliance One.

Chad continuously participates in community outreach and charitable activities. He is active in youth sports where he has coached many youth teams including football, baseball, softball, and basketball. He has also helped establish the Goodrich Football Boosters and the Goodrich Soccer Club. His wife of nearly 20 years and two children are active in the community along with him. Chad inspires everyone around him to interact with others, build relationships, and, “whatever you’re thinking, think bigger.” He continues to strive for success both personally and professionally.

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