ROI AdvantageTM
We consistently deliver quality professionals that meet your skill requirements. Utilizing our proven ROI AdvantageTM process, you can be assured each and every candidate meets our rigorous standards before we allow them to be interviewed by you. And, by passing our ROI AdvantageTM process, we can usually provide qualified candidates within 1-3 days. You can rely on Reliance One to provide you with the resources to be part of your team and help make your project and company successful.

Our ROI Advantage

We Know Our Clients

Gaining knowledge from the client and understanding the business and the requirements helps the recruitment team at Reliance One provide successful placements.

Reliance One will:

  • Research the prospective client’s business and reputation in the marketplace.
  • Visit the prospective client’s location to tour and observe the environment to better communicate details to a potential candidate.
  • Interview the management team of the prospective client to determine the goals of the organization.
  • Establish the goals for the recruiting search at Reliance One to fulfill the role.
  • Review compensation for the role and share appropriate industry and market feedback.
  • Determine the viability of the search and the final requirements with the client.
  • Agree on the final search specifications and sign the client agreements.
We Provide Candidates who are Industry Proven, Professionally Screened and Technically Validated
Using multiple channels of resources and having a pool of pre-qualified candidates allows the recruitment team to present the client with the best fit to fulfill their specific needs.

Reliance One will:

  • Research competitors and similar industries to identify the logical talent pool.
  • Review Reliance One’s proprietary database of 200,000+ resumes for possible fits and develop additional contacts.
  • Contact other potential candidates through resources such as referrals, job boards, online recruiting tools, colleges/universities, and job fairs.
  • Screen the potential candidates relative to the position’s requirements and separate the most interested and qualified for further consideration.
  • Ensure candidate commitment to accepting a potential offer (which may include a serious career move, relocation, and salary adjustments).
  • Conduct professional and technical reference checks for all candidates.
  • Conduct appropriate technical screening (customized testing per client requirements).
  • Finalize the top candidates and prepare to submit and present to the client for consideration.
  • Prepare the client for all interviews by reviewing and discussing strengths, weaknesses, special requests, and chemistry of each candidate.
  • Determine an appropriate hiring package with the client and ensure candidate acceptance.
  • Extend an offer to the candidate; gain their acceptance and confirm the start date.
  • Conduct new employee on-boarding at Reliance One prior to the start date.
We Offer Competitive Advantages

Payroll and Benefits

Reliance One is an employer that respects and values its clients and employees, recognizing that the happiness of the employee directly affects their productivity, and therefore pleasing the client. Reliance One offers all of the services necessary to create a happy client and a happy employee.
  • Reliance One offers weekly payroll.
  • All employees can enroll for direct deposit or a weekly pay card.
  • Employees can have online access to their payroll and investment records.
  • All employees are offered comprehensive health care benefits at a group rate (Medical, Dental, Vision, Life).
  • Employees can initiate an investment plan (401k).

Customer Service

  • All costs for employee drug screens, criminal background checks, and any other costs for customized testing are incurred by Reliance One.
  • Reliance One offers flexible billing to meet the client needs.
  • Reliance One will track and generate customized reports as needed for employee data, etc.
  • Reliance One assigns a dedicated account representative for each client and a dedicated core recruiter for each candidate and employee.
  • Reliance One offers 24/7 assistance.
  • A Reliance One representative will arrive on site to deliver checks and to monitor or ensure safe working conditions.
  • Reliance One manages the workers’ compensation insurance claims and follow through for all reported injuries.
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